About Us

Our products are designed for those looking for healthier and more delicious frozen desserts and snacks.


We strive to provide access to nutritious, delicious, and affordable desserts and snacks that are sustainable, ethically-sourced, and provide an enjoyable experience for all. We are committed to educating and empowering people to make healthier choices and reducing our environmental footprint. We are dedicated to creating a better future for ourselves and generations to come.


Our vision is to create a unique, sustainable, and inclusive experience for customers and employees alike, offering a range of products that are innovative, healthy, and of the highest quality, while responding to the changing desires and needs of the market.

Why choose Zenzero?

  • Constant investment in equipment to offer innovative solutions.
  • Fast and flexible personal development process.
  • Unique formulas, shapes and flavors.
  • We have international standards and certifications and we keep them constantly growing.

Our Brands

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